One of TickleTrain's special features is the ability to vary your follow-up messages, so they appear as if you actually composed each of them at different times.

For example, let's say you are a building contractor and you set up a follow-up routine for subcontractor bids- you call the Tickle "bids".

If you don't get a response, your "bid" Tickle is set to send your first follow-up email as "Hi John, I have not heard back from you. Can you let me know if you got my request for a bid?" Then, if that did not generate a reply, you can have a second follow-up email sent a couple of days later that could read "John, I'm about to make final decisions on this job. Please let me know if you are going to submit your estimate."

With TickleTrain, you can have unlimited varied follow-up messages. Besides setting up the initial "bid" Tickle routine in your account, all that is needed to use it is to drop the special email address assigned into the BCC field. Use this email address over and over for ALL of your bid requests and they will all get followed up on! This original email might look like this:



SUBJECT: Bid request - 7896

MESSAGE: John, can you please look over the plans... etc, etc,

In summary, TickleTrain makes it appear that each person is being delivered uniquely composed follow-up messages just for them.

So once you set up a Tickle routine, just trigger it by adding its unique email address in the BCC field before you send, and all of this will happen automatically. And nothing gets sent without your approval!