How to Be Effective with Follow-up sales EmailThe Importance of Follow-Up Sales Email

A common complaint heard in the business community is the challenge involved in following up consistently on lead opportunities. We are not talking about just the big opportunities. Every opportunity, no matter the size, should be followed up on. Lots of smaller sales can equal several larger ones. In fact, it’s not terribly hard to acquire leads and make the phone ring; it’s the due diligence needed after the initial contact to pursue a closed sale. But who has the time or resources to follow up on every lead? Automating your follow-up sales email is the key.

The Benefits of Using Follow-Up Emails

Using Follow-up Sales Email will Increase Your Productivity
Using Follow-up Sales Email will Increase Your Productivity

Following up on leads plays a crucial role in persuading your potential customer to do business with you. Calling a contact is a natural technique for pursuing a lead opportunity, but it’s also interruptive and takes a fair amount of time to actually reach and speak to your prospect. Emails however, are a terrific sales channel to get your message delivered directly to your prospect when you want. Emails can be scheduled in advance to send precisely the right message at the right time. You can also schedule more than one email so that if your first attempt at reaching your contact fails, a second, third, fourth, or more email will get your prospect’s attention. The Follow-Up Sales email also creates a successful image of your business and yourself. It shows your prospect that you are taking the time to follow up with them personally, which conveys reliability and enthusiasm for the relationship.

Email: One of the Best Communication Channels to Conduct Sales

Save Time by Using Automated Follow-up Sales Email
Save Time by Using Automated Follow-up Sales Email

Sure, nothing beats a face-to-face conversation to explain to your prospect why they should buy from you, but that is very expensive and time consuming. A high dollar item with a long sales cycle almost always requires some one-to-one meetings with your contact. Another popular sales tool is the phone call. Phoning contacts takes some time and requires the contact to be available and ready to listen to you when you are. Plus, a badly timed phone call can easily put you in the nuisance camp. Email, however, is non-obtrusive and very inexpensive. Email operates across the Internet or other computer networks and is the most common business communication tool available today. Some early email systems actually required that the sender and receiver be online at the same time, like instant messaging today. But today’s email systems are based on a store-and-forward model. Email servers accept, forward, deliver, and store messages. Neither the users nor their computers are required to be online simultaneously; they just need to connect as long as it takes to send or receive messages. This makes it easy to carry out a conversation when it is convenient to both parties, which makes email an ideal communication tool to nurture the sales process.

TickleTrain helps you take full advantage of the email channel by assisting you with nurturing conversations. These emails automatically keep important conversations from going stale by your contact hearing from you on a regular basis. People are often too busy and need to be reminded, sometimes several times, before they act upon something. Having an automatic email follow-up system, like TickleTrain, keeps your business in front of your prospects by being there at the right time to influence purchase decisions when they are made. Following up makes all the difference between closed sales and missed revenues.

Add Value to Your Sales Follow-up Emails

It’s important that your nurturing emails provide value to your contact. This can be done several ways. First, your emails can educate the prospect about what makes your company different from the competition. Second, your emails can inform them of details about the product or service they have expressed interest in. And lastly, the emails can discuss how your products can benefit them. If you have a long sales cycle, these nurturing value-added emails are generally sent over several months. Products with shorter sales cycles that are generally lower in cost, usually require quick follow-up, which can also be easily automated.

Save Time With Automated Follow-ups

Increase your email productivity with and save time while performing the necessary step to increased sales- following up. The free time gained allows you to focus on managing your business while your sales follow-up emails are on autopilot. Our service sends fully personalized email reminders to your clients automatically, just as if you sent them personally. You are in complete control of what gets sent and when.

Let’s explore how our sales follow-up email services work. Automatic emails that your customers receive are called Tickles. A Tickle is a specific, predefined email (or series of emails) sent on a schedule to your contacts. These campaigns are commonly referred to as “drip emails.” What sets TickleTrain apart is its simplicity. Adding an email address (provided by TickleTrain) into the BCC field is all that’s needed for TickleTrain to perform its follow-up service.   Another way our service saves you time is by allowing you to use the same follow-up emails over and over, without having to write them each time. In addition, TickleTrain allows you to create a “train” of emails with varied message content sent at different time intervals. This allows several messages to be sent to your contact, which keeps conversations going and nurtures your lead.

Try TickleTrain for Free Now

Try TickleTrain Follow-up Sales Email

In keeping with its simplicity, TickleTrain is a web-based follow-up email service. There is no software to download. Simply register on and start following up immediately. Our easy-to-use online dashboard helps you keep track of your email follow ups at a glance. TickleTrain works seamlessly with all popular email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Apple Mail, Windows Live, etc., and web-based tools including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL and many others. Moreover, TickleTrain can work with custom email clients as well- if it has a BCC field, TickleTrain can be used. Automating customized and personalized follow-up emails for sales has never been easier.

Sign up online and close more sales today with TickleTrain! Much of success in business and personal accomplishment stems from persistence and following up. Get TickleTrain on your side today.

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