Delegate tasks and collaborate with your team

Frustrated with delegated tasks not getting done?
Do you find it difficult to stay on top of delegated tasks?
Do you get emails with tasks that should be delegated?
Do some jobs require collaboration with others?
Do you delegate tasks but still need to remember to follow up to make sure the task is getting done?

Delegation and collaboration are the keys to running a successful business. Without the proper tools to assist you, your productivity suffers. If you had to remember to effectively follow up on every task you’ve delegated, you wouldn’t get much else done.

TickleTrain’s Delegation and Collaboration functionality help you keep up with delegated tasks and keeps all pertinent information related to those tasks in one place.

All individuals working on the task can easily access all the information needed, in addition to adding comments and files. Team members can easily be notified when any updates have been made to the shared task.

Once you’ve delegated or shared a task through TickleTrain, you no longer have to worry about following up on the task. The recipient(s) will get “task reminders” from TickleTrain until the task is complete. They can control when the reminders are sent so it works best with their schedule.