Use TickleTrain to send convenient and automatic email reminders to anyone you choose, including clients, vendors and co-workers. Think of all the time you and your staff can save if you no longer have to send second requests for payments for invoices, for updates on sales or activities, or for confirmation of product deliveries. You will increase the overall productivity of your business. You can benefit even more by learning how to use TickleTrain to build strong customer relationships. kbuntu -
Importance of Contact Composing an email takes time and effort. When the email requires a response, it takes additional work to track incoming emails to determine if and when a response is received. Even more, time is taken if you have to follow up with a reminder for a response. The solution is TickleTrain. Any business can be more productive by using TickleTrain's automated and personalized follow-up emails to any contact when a reply is not received. You can prepare these "tickles" or reminders in advance and personalize them to fit the client and the situation. You choose whether the tickle is to be sent if a reply is not received. On the other hand, if the application detects the receipt of a reply, the follow-up tickle is canceled. The benefits are obvious in the time saved by being relieved of follow-up monitoring and having to prepare and send follow-up email reminders. However, these tickle reminders also build better customer relations because your customer, client or co-worker will:

  • Appreciate that you have taken the time to email again asking for a reply
  • Interpret this as meaning that you value the importance of the reply
  • Feel valued by the personal nature of the "tickle"

Your email contact knows you consider him important, because of your personal attention to him. This positive approach helps build relationships, ending up boosting productivity and increasing sales. TickleTrain is a convenient money-making tool for your company. Sign up here.