TickleTrain provides "send it and forget it" convenience when emailing-- it does the follow up for you. Confidential sneak peak. November 23, 2012, Asheville, N.C. ? By simply typing a unique email address in the ?BCC? field of your email, TickleTrain eliminates the need to follow up when you don?t get a reply - and it does so with powerful customization. Plans range from $5.95 per month for 10 follow ups at any one time, to $19.95 per month, for unlimited use. A free plan is also available with some limited branding. Lost sales and disorganization are only a couple of the offenses that poor follow up routines can cause. For example, how often is every lead followed up on? How many "emergencies" are created by lack of response and suddenly a deadline is in jeopardy? With limited time, following up is an often neglected task. But studies confirm, it?s a key component for success. TickleTrain's aim is to eliminate follow ups from your to-do-list. So how does it work? "Tickles" are pre-written emails ready at a moment?s notice. They can be used to follow up on any subject matter you wish. For example, let?s say you are in sales and frequently send quotes. Just sign in to TickleTrain and compose your ideal follow-up email: ?Hello [firstname], I wanted to follow up on the quote I sent you. Did you receive it? Are there any questions I can answer?" This Tickle is saved, along with other special settings, like schedule and frequency. The Tickle is then given a unique email address, for example ?quote+yourname@tickletrain.com? Once saved, a follow up routine can be applied to any of your quotes. Simply include this email address in the BCC field and send your quote. Use it over and over again for any quotes you send-- with TickleTrain, you only need to type your follow up message once. It's a simple idea, but may just change the way you send and track emails. About TickleTrain, Inc. TickleTrain is dedicated to making communications more effective through automation. Headquartered in Asheville, NC, TickleTrain is guaranteed to increase sales while saving time and effort.

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