We are inundated with articles about inbox woes- too many emails, hard to manage, how to get to "zero" inbox, etc.  And this may be an issue for some, but for most, it's the sent mail we need help with even more.  Why?  Well, with your inbox, sure it may be a long list of stuff, but you have the emails- you can sort them, flag them, search through them, slice and dice to your heart's content. The emails are there for you.  But your sent emails are gone, or at least they are not on your radar any longer.  You can look through your sent mail and see what you sent, but that's disorderly and not very effective.

This is where TickleTrain steps in.  It keeps your sent mail-in check.  If an email is important to you, TickleTrain will make sure it gets the attention it deserves. It does this by following up on it for you after a certain amount of time or reminds you about it so you can take action.  Without TickleTrain, you need some sort of system to follow up on emails that need replies.

For most, this is a manual system - or none at all and you hope your email got viewed and acted upon and all is well in the universe.  However, if your system fails, this can lead to missed deadlines, lost sales, longer project times, and so much more.  If you are relying on a response or would like one, you just use a special email address in the BCC field before you send it and TickleTrain handles the rest.  It's that piece of mind that your sent mail will always stay on your radar and that of your recipient.  

So "forget" about your inbox, see how more effective you become when your sent mail is managed with TickleTrain.  Try it for free.