Are you a seller on Amazon?

And got a negative feedback rating from a buyer? amazon-seller-followup

From time to time a buyer may have an issue with an item purchased from your Amazon seller account, and instead of contacting you to resolve the issue, they instead left you a damaging feedback score.

Now you are trying desperately to resolve the issue by communicating with the buyer via Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service but not getting any response.  This can not only consume many hours of time, but can also impact your business immensely.

TickleTrain can help resolve issues like this.  TickleTrain follows-up with your Amazon buyers through Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service. It assists you in resolving issues about the item and greatly improves your chances of having the negative feedback removed.

It’s a simple process to use TickleTrain with your Amazon buyers. Just send the buyer a single email about the issue through Amazon's Messaging Service, then TickleTrain will continue to communicate with the buyer until you receive a response back.

The emails that TickleTrain sends are written by you, so they can be worded however you would want your communications to read.  So it's just like you are taking the time to manually follow-up, but with TickleTrain you can automate follow up emails.

Now you can focus on fulfilling customer orders while TickleTrain communicates with the buyer to help get that negative feedback removed.