One of the ways our customers use TickleTrain is to send out emails for marketing or sales that are then automatically followed up on. If you fall into this bucket, one important thing to keep in mind is that it's very important your emails contain a strong call to action.

This is the part of your email that gets your customer or prospect to take action. So here are 5 tips we wanted to share with you! It's very important that you're emails have a strong call to action. Here's 5 tips for improving the call to action in your emails.

1. Don't Make Your Call To Action Sound Like a Demand Your email needs to have a friendly tone with an ending that invites the person to do whatever it is you're promoting. For example, assume you are marketing a software application. You wouldn't want your call to action to be, "Head to the site NOW, if you're smart!" This not only sounds demanding but sarcastic.

A better call to action would be, "Try our amazing software with a free 10-day no-obligation demo." This way you are giving a clear call to action but you're still leaving the power and decision in the reader's hands.

2. Make Sure Your Call to Action is Clear If you want the reader to 'Like' your page on Facebook, make that link available so the reader can easily find it. If they have to hunt for it, you won't get a very good result.

3. Your Call To Action Should Have Action Verbs including "Visit" "Awesome" "Benefit from" "Biggest" "Effective" and "Effortlessly". You're asking the reader to do something and backing it up with an action verb will further your success.

4. To Add Images or Not? You can add images to your emails but do not rely on these to be your call to action. Many people have their email set to text only to avoid viruses and, if that's the case, those people will never see your call to action.

5. Your Call to Action Should be Urgent If your call to action comes across as "Come check out our website whenever you get a chance", you won't get many visitors. Instead, make your call to action urgent, such as, "We're running the biggest special of the year, but hurry, supplies won't last long at these prices!" Email campaigns can be very powerful and effective at driving traffic to your product and increasing sales.

A problem that many people have is their emails end up in people's spam folders. Sometimes this cannot be avoided, but there are a few ways you help the email make it to the inbox.

Firstly, be careful not to use too many exclamation points as that can be interpreted by the email provider as spam. Secondly, do not use all caps as this is a sure way to send your email straight to the spam folder.

Lastly, watch your wording in the email. Avoid words like, "Click here" since that's something that many spam filters flag.