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TickleTrain is live, it’s time for cake!

After three years of hard work, we are proud to celebrate the birth of TickleTrain. This is just the beginning with many new features and plugins for Outlook & Gmail that are just around the corner! Below is a picture of the cake our developers made to celebrate this milestone in the development of TickleTrain!

Update: so things are going great at TickleTrain! We’re getting great feedback from our growing base of customers. And guess what? Our email follow-up tool now works with several email clients including Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail and more.

If you’ve been thinking about trying us out, now is the time! We offer a very affordable solution for sending out email follow-ups and reminders.


After three years of hard work, we are proud to celebrate the birth of TickleTrain. Try it free now.

So much more than follow-ups

If you are like me, my inbox serves as a giant to-do list. It holds so much of my weekly activities that it should have a different name… like “taskbox”. A really powerful feature of TickleTrain is the Today’s Tickles email. This emails serves-up a nice little list of Tickles you have scheduled to be sent that day. But, if you take a deeper look, it is really more. For me, Today’s Tickles really summarizes all of my outstanding tasks. This list is everything that is a pending task. Things that I’m waiting to hear back on. If it’s generally not on this list, then I know I’m on top of it. And the best feature is that all of those tasks are going to receive some action- they are going to materialize and get acted upon or taken off my list… automatically.

For a limited time we are pleased to offer a special discount if you decide to try it! Use coupon code FR33R1DE when you sign up and enjoy 6 months free on any plan. There are no payment obligations if you cancel. Try it out for a while and discover how it can be useful in your business!

TickleTrain ? Send it. And Forget it.