Read our /PRNewswire/ release about the new TickleTrain app for Gmail.

TickleTrain Introduces New App to Simplify Follow-Up Process for Gmail Users Customized follow-up system built around pre-written emails was designed to help businesses increase productivity and sales PR Newswire ASHEVILLE, N.C., Jan. 9, 2014 ASHEVILLE, N.C.Jan. 9, 2014/PRNewswire/ –Following-up in a timely manner is the secret to building a successful business. However, finding the time… Read More

TickleTrain & Gmail Unite!

TickleTrain and Gmail unite! We are thrilled to release our new app for Gmail users. Although always available for Gmail, TickleTrain has never been integrated at this level. You just press the TickleTrain button next to Send and everything you need is right there. If you are new to TickleTrain, it follows up on emails… Read More

Vary your follow up email content

One of TickleTrain’s special features is the ability to vary your follow up messages, so they appear as if you actually composed each of them at different times. For example, let’s say you are a building contractor and you set up a follow up routine for subcontractor bids- you call the Tickle “bids”. If you… Read More

TickleTrain is simple. How simple?

Signup and in seconds you’ll be given a unique email address. ?It will look something like this:? This is your “universal” Tickle. ?To use it, just include it in the BCC field on any email you’d like a reply to.? TickleTrain will keep track of this email so you can clear it from your inbox.?… Read More