Monthly Archives: June 2013

TickleTrain is simple. How simple?

Signup and in seconds you’ll be given a unique email address. ?It will look something like this:?

This is your “universal” Tickle. ?To use it, just include it in the BCC field on any email you’d like a reply to.? TickleTrain will keep track of this email so you can clear it from your inbox.? After 3 days you’ll get an email asking what to do.? You can:

A. Send a follow up email and preview how TickleTrain worded it for you.

B. Do nothing and be reminded of it the next day.

C. Delete it.

Remember, nothing gets sent without your approval. ?”Tickle” any email this way, and everything is followed up on.? Simple!

Signup today and discover how useful it can be in your business.? ?Use promo code FR33R1DE and use any plan 6 months free, no obligations.

Send it. And Forget it.

Learn more about how to use TickleTrain to handle your follow up emails.