Payment Reminder Emails

Collecting receivables is one of the most important tasks in running a business. Unfortunately, it is also a job that most people don’t enjoy dealing with or simply don’t have the time to deal with. However, collecting on past due invoices is crucial in growing your business since money that is tied up in receivables is money that cannot be re-invested until you get paid. With this in mind, offers an automatic follow-up service that reminds your customers of their balances if payment is not received within a given time. Simple to use and very effective in getting responses from your customers, TickleTrain is like having a personal assistant dedicated to making sure your invoices get paid, while saving you time and effort.

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TickleTrain sends your personalized payment due reminder emails (and any other business emails) automatically in accordance with your predefined schedule, requiring minimal efforts and time on your part. Simply create a few follow-up templates and you are done! If you don’t receive a reply to an email that has a Tickle associated with it, TickleTrain provides an automatic follow-up for you.

Use the numerous robust delivery and schedule opportunities that TickleTrain provides to easily create a “train” of Tickles (emails) featuring differently worded emails, encouraging replies. Another important attribute of TickleTrain’s service is that your follow-up emails are fully personalized irrespective of the automated sending concept, just as if you sent every single message personally.

As a result, your clients won’t get irritated with automatic reminders. Instead, TickleTrain’s personalized approach will dramatically improve your productivity and, at the same time, your contact will automatically get the personalized attention they deserve. If you are communicating with a new contact, TickleTrain’s built-in social integration provides a quick overview of who you are conversing with. This may provide a deeper understanding of this contact’s potential business opportunity.

Sign up for free at or choose a paid plan, which provides private branding and much more. With TickleTrain, you’ll never have to worry about following-up on un-paid invoices again.