Payment & Invoice Reminders

Rather often, people fail to keep a careful record of all their outstanding invoices due to the lack of time or just because of forgetfulness. While your clients are behind with their paperwork, your business may also suffer dramatically because of payment delays. That’s why reminding customers of their uncovered invoices with follow-up emails has become a common business practice. TickleTrain is ready to handle this crucial job for you, while saving your precious time for other core business tasks.

We suggest you to take advantage of our highly advantageous and flexible services that include sending automatic invoice reminder emails to your clients on a predefined schedule. You will no longer have to bother yourself with following-up on emails as TickleTrain can put your entire payment and invoice reminder campaign just on autopilot. For your ultimate convenience, we also provide robust schedule and delivery options allowing to create a series (‘train’) of reminders with individual content and on a specific schedule.

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Unlimited Campaigns

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Unlike many other related solutions that are available on the market today, TickleTrain sends fully personalized automatic invoice reminders, just as if you did them personally. Every single Tickle can be personalized easily in a matter of a few minutes. Along with the original invoice, you can put all necessary transaction details as well as various possible payment options to ensure your clients ultimate satisfaction.

TickleTrain is a really cost-efficient service and your follow-ups won’t cost you a fortune. You don’t have to worry about any extra or hidden charges – you will pay just a small flat fee every month. A campaign is your group of Tickles on a schedule to a single contact. For example, you can have several invoice or payment follow-ups scheduled to get sent to anyone, and all of them would stay within one campaign. On the Dashboard page you will get access to a convenient, easy-to-use email campaign counter tool that will help you keep track of your emails efficiently.

TickleTrain makes tracking of your reminders incredibly easy. You will receive a notifying email “Today’s Tickles” with full information of all emails scheduled on any certain day. Through the user-friendly Dashboard you can easily manage all active email campaigns. In addition, you are allowed to enable “BCC me on this Tickle” option and get a copy whenever a Tickle is sent.