How to Use Email Follow-Up Software?

Following up on emails on a consistent basis can help boost sales by 10% – 80%! However, personally following up with every prospect takes a considerable amount of time and effort. How can you reap the rewards of sending sales email reminders and other personal follow-ups without taking time away from your other essential business tasks? may be the solution for your business. TickleTrain’s advanced, feature-rich email follow-up software effectively manages all your email reminders, with minimum efforts on your part.

After creating a few messages you routinely use in your business, TickleTrain automatically sends these follow-up emails based on the specific schedule you set. The same message can be used as many times as you want. By doing so, TickleTrain saves users a significant amount of time. Simply write your message once and then re-use it as often as you need to. In addition, the emails are fully customized and appear as if you sent each one personally. In short, TickleTrain acts like your personal assistant for business email communications. Enjoy the benefits of having a personal assistant without the added costs involved in hiring a new employee.

Packages & Pricing


10 Campaigns

Unlimited Tickles

Gmail Chrome Plug-in





Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited Tickles

Gmail Chrome Plug-in

No Branding

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Multifunctional and highly flexible in its performance, TickleTrain allows you to follow-up on emails with varied content and at predefined time frames due to the robust built-in delivery and schedule options. We designed our email follow-up program to be fully compatible with all popular email clients in addition to being easily accessible from any internet-connected location, including desktop computers, laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones etc.

TickleTrain makes personal follow-up with all your leads easy. Start today at and give your sales a boost.