Email CRM

Email CRM, or email customer relationship management, refers to the general communications management field. This branch is responsible for managing large volumes of inbound emails daily. To be honest, not many companies, large or small, can do without CRM email integration today because it is such as essential part of efficient customer service management.

If you currently use some type of related email solutions for your business emails communications but are not satisfied with its functionality, TickleTrain can help. A common issue is the amount of time involved in following-up on emails. At TickleTrain, we are ready to tackle this tedious job for you.

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10 Campaigns

Unlimited Tickles

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Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited Tickles

Gmail Chrome Plug-in

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Our service provides unique “send it and forget it” convenience, ease and flexibility when emailing. TickleTrain follows-up on emails for you, so you don’t need to remember to follow-up. Think of TickleTrain as your personal email assistant, following up on whatever is important to you, for free or at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone for the job.

TickleTrain allows you to save a considerable amount of time. Follow-up emails are sent automatically on a predefined schedule. Simply create your follow-up email messages once and use them over and over again. TickleTrain also offers robust delivery and schedule opportunities, allowing you to easily create a ‘train’ of follow-up emails with different content and a predefined schedule.

Rest assured, in spite of the automated process, your follow-up emails will be fully personalized, just as if you sent them. Prospects and clients receive your personal attention with no additional work on your part. Also, TickleTrain integrates with social media, allowing you to view your contact’s Facebook or LinkedIn profile information.

Staying connected efficiently with your loyal clients has never been easier. TickleTrain helps build better business relationships, ensuring prospects turn into loyal clients. Start using a free version of TickleTrain email CRM today or choose advanced plans with multiple or unlimited email campaigns that won’t cost you a fortune.