Email Autoresponder

Experienced business owners know the importance of continuous, comprehensive customer communication in achieving business success. Email plays a crucial role for both online and offline businesses by providing information about your company, products and services, promotions and special offers, competitive advantages, and reminders about sales and upcoming events.

Email communications are a powerful tool in helping you stay in touch with your loyal clients in addition to building strong relationships with new contacts and establishing an efficient communication channel with your prospects. In the case of prospects and new contacts, building a relationship is crucial because they may not be as familiar with your products and/or services as your existing customers. Emails offer the opportunity to communicate with ease and efficiency.

Although following-up is essential for business growth and success, personally sending emails to all your clients, prospects and new subscribers requires a substantial amount of time. Email auto-responders, on the other hand, provide a personalized message with little effort. With our advanced, multifunctional email auto-responder software, offers a range of plans designed to effectively follow-up on your business emails, freeing up your time and increasing sales and conversion rates.

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10 Campaigns

Unlimited Tickles

Gmail Chrome Plug-in





Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited Tickles

Gmail Chrome Plug-in

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Easy-to-use and highly efficient in its performance, TickleTrain sends fully personalized email follow-ups to your customers, just as if you did it personally. It’s like having a personal assistant for your business email communicationa, while avoiding the costs and hassles of hiring a new employee and learning new expensive software that may be more than you really need.

TickleTrain works by sending follow-up emails automatically, according to your predefined schedule. You create your messages once and then use them over and over again. The robust delivery and schedule options allow you to create a range (so-called ‘train’) of emails with different content and send them at different time intervals. It’s a one-to-one communication tool- not a mass mailer.

TickleTrain makes sending email reminders to customer inquiries, sharing information, promoting your products or services, welcoming new propects, showing your appreciation, etc. a very easy and enjoyable process. TickleTrain is a best in class email auto-responder allowing you to forget about manual email delivery by putting your follow-up emails on autopilot. Get started today for free and see how TickleTrain can help your business!