Business Follow-Up Emails

Effective email communication is critical to business success, increasing both customer satisfaction and business conversion rates. Properly integrating follow-up messages in your marketing campaign delivers better results, with little added effort on your part. Business follow-up emails can help your business in many ways. They can be used to provide information about your company, product or services, send special offers, emphasize your competitive advantages, remind clients of upcoming events, show appreciation for your customers and the list goes on.

When done correctly and in a timely manner, email reminders provide a boost to your business and turn prospects into loyal customers. A common challenge for most business owners, however, is a lack of time to effectively follow-up on emails. offers an easy-to-use email auto responder service that does the work for you. Get started today for free at

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Our unique services put business follow-up emails on autopilot, saving you time and effort. TickleTrain automatically sends fully personalized reminder emails to your clients, just as if you sent them yourself. You simply create the content for your email once and TickleTrain handles the rest. Your pre-defined emails are sent on the schedule of your choice to anyone you email.

TickleTrain works perfectly with all popular email clients and can be easily accessed from either your desktop computer or mobile device (a Smartphone or tablet PC). In addition, TickleTrain pulls the social profiles from Facebook and LinkedIn, providing you seamlessly with more information about your contacts. If you need to send business reminders with varied content and in different time intervals, don’t worry – TickleTrain’s robust delivery and schedule options can handle that as well.

By pre-selecting the schedule for your email follow-ups, staying connected with your prospective and existing clients has never been easier. Receiving personal emails from you will make every contact you converse with feel important. Try TickleTrain today for free and start using customized follow-up emails automatically and see how it can benefit your business.