Follow-Up Email Service

With the numerous complicated and time-consuming tasks involved in successfully running a business, personally sending follow-up emails on a regular basis is something most business owners simply don’t have enough time for. However, following-up on emails plays a crucial role in overall business efficiency and success. By promoting your company and products, increasing conversion rates and improving overall customer satisfaction, sending follow-up email reminders is an integral part of daily communications and improved work flow.

At, we know how valuable your time is. Our services offer an efficient and economical solution to your follow-up needs. With little effort on your part, TickleTrain manages the follow-up process for you. Our smart follow-up email service puts any of your related emails on autopilot, allowing you to enjoy unique “send it and forget it” convenience. Although sent automatically, your emails appear to be personally sent by you.

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10 Campaigns

Unlimited Tickles

Gmail Chrome Plug-in





Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited Tickles

Gmail Chrome Plug-in

No Branding

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The automated emails that your clients receive are referred to as Tickles. In essence, a Tickle is a predefined follow-up email that is sent to your contacts in accordance with your specific schedule. You can easily activate your Tickles by typing a special email addresses in the BCC field of emails you are sending or replying to.

Our advanced, multifunctional software solution works with various popular email clients and offers easy access from your desktop computer, laptop or any other mobile device (a Smartphone or tablet PC). In addition, by pulling profiles from Facebook and LinkedIn, TickleTrain allows you to easily access more information about your contacts.

If you need to send follow-ups on business emails with varied content and in different time frames, you can also rely on TickleTrain – its robust delivery and schedule options will handle these tasks with maximum efficiency.