Automatic Email Reminders

While understanding the significance of follow-up or reminder emails for boosting sales, increasing conversion rates and improving overall customer satisfaction level, unfortunately some business owners and managers still neglect that because of their limited time. Do you also feel too busy to follow-up on emails? Leave this job to TickleTrain – a multifunctional web-based automatic follow-up email service for various business needs.

At TickleTrain our goal is to tackle with this tedious task for you and make a difference to your overall online business performance with the unique “send it and forget it” convenience. We will remind your clients about your important upcoming events, unclosed sales, uncovered payments or anything else you need to remind with fully personalized automatic reminders, just as if you sent them manually.

TickleTrain Plans


10 Campaigns

Unlimited Tickles

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Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited Tickles

Gmail Chrome Plug-in

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We call these auto emails Tickles. Actually, every single Tickle is a predefined, yet fully personalized email follow-up that can be sent to anyone in your customer list on your specific schedule. The whole process requires minimal time and efforts from your side. Simply create the required amount of follow-up templates, add email addresses in the BCC field to activate your Tickles and you are done!

TickleTrain service is focused towards saving your valuable business time wherever it is possible. You have to type your reminder message only once and then you can use it over and over again. An additional useful opportunity is creating and sending a series, so-called ‘train’, of automated email reminders with different content. You can get them scheduled at different time intervals.

Rest assured, you can use TickleTrain to send automatic follow-up emails from any address as it works perfectly with all popular email clients and web-based tools, including Microsoft Outlook, Apple Inc.’s Mail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! Mail and many others. If you use some specific email client, don’t worry as TickleTrain allows to work with custom email applications as well.

From now on you can enjoy substantial time savings, while having your daily correspondence managed efficiently. Start using TickleTrain for your auto-reminders today by choosing either an absolutely free version or reasonably priced advanced plans with multiple email campaigns.