Automated Follow-Up Email Service

All businesses benefit from following-up on emails. Personal email reminders serve many purposes, such as building efficiency in your business, staying top-of-mind about your products and services, promoting new deals, informing about upcoming events, sales reminders, pointing out your competitive advantages and much more. Email follow-ups play an integral part in maintaining a strong interaction with your customers and building effective communication channels with your prospects.

While important, following-up with all your existing clients and prospects requires a significant amount of time, which most business owners and managers simply do not have enough of. With that in mind, TickleTrain was designed to address your email follow-up needs with maximum efficiency while requiring minimum efforts on your part. Put your email reminders on autopilot and enjoy “send it and forget it” convenience with TickleTrain.

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Simply put, TickleTrain is an advanced, all-in-one email follow-up system that sends automated follow-up emails pre-written by you on the schedule you set. Best of all, using TickleTrain requires very little effort on your part. Once your message is created, it can be used over and over again, and appear to be personally sent by you each time. Your leads will enjoy your personal attention, while you enjoy increased sales and conversion rates.

TickleTrain’s built-in robust delivery and schedule tool also allows you to easily create a range of automated reminder emails (a so-called ‘Train of Tickles’). In addition, TickleTrain is fully integrated with social media, allowing you to get more information about your contacts by viewing their Facebook profiles. As a highly flexible email follow-up tool, TickleTrain works perfectly with all popular email clients available on the market today, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Inc.’s Mail, etc. as well as web-based solutions, such as Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! Mail and many others. Try a free version of TickleTrain today or choose one of our premium packages, with multiple or unlimited email campaigns, to see how it can benefit your business performance.